Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gearing Up

Pint o' grog, anyone?

  A friend made a straight rib, angled just so, to help me make pints.  None of these are exactly what I'm shooting for, but each one gets closer.

My six-year-old took this photo.  Glazing today!  One piece broke thus far.  Ah, the joys of raw glazing.

Now that I understand exterior slip must be applied before interior liner glaze, I had to come up with another method for applying said liner glaze.  (Because I am incapable of pouring glaze into the piece and pouring it out without dripping onto the exterior - and with the slip already there, now I can't wipe off those drips.)

Ever-Helpful Husband, upon hearing my needs and wants, declared he had a submersible pump I could use.  He even dug long enough to find the fancy valve thingie for the top.  We are hoarders, hear us roar.

Worked great in the sink with water and a trashed mug.  Took it out to the shed, and - Ayup!  It's a winner!  Works perfectly.

Phew.  (Reminds me of my way-fancy "plywood + 2x4s + junked exhaust fan" garage spray booth back in Illinois.  I've been high-society for decades, folks.)

I'd like to cut a couple/few more soda ports into the kiln before firing, but otherwise I think we're ready.  Hoping to slowly get through 1060°F on Saturday, shut it up tight for the night (and go to sleep!), then fire to temp in about 12 hours on Sunday.  Cross your fingers!

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Sherrie said...

I don't understand approximately 99.5% of your technical talk, but I kind of love it anyway! :)