Monday, May 19, 2014

Handles, Handles, Handles


I'm currently firing the kiln.  Inside are 40 or so mugs.  I tried to play around with forms - not as greatly as Emily Murphy showed us a couple years ago, but I did play with a few different shapes.

More importantly, I focused on handles.  My handles have, historically, sucked.  There were varying levels of bad, really, but usually they just sucked.  I had no idea how to make them better, back when I did this years ago.  However, now I have the power of Ye Olde Internet.  Scary, really, the time I've spent staring at other people's handles, scratching my head over just how did they do that?  Made a little Pinterest board of fine handles, even.  Turns out there are as many types of handles and methods of forming handles as there are potters - and I'm trying to nail down just what I want to make, and how.
  They're very much not yet where I want them to be, but ohmyword are they lightyears above what I was making eight years ago.  Phew.

Also in the kiln are a handful of bowls, some bottles, a few hand-built plates.  And these here test thingies.  Coloured slips.  I'll have more on this when I open the kiln.

And - wonder of wonders, without any warning, I decorated a plate one Saturday morning!

No, I really did.  Unbelievable, yes.  All previous attempts at deliberately decorating the surface of any pots has failed miserably.  But here I'm trying it again.  My drawing abilities are ... poopie.  (Hi, I just said, "poopie.")  But this here just is a test.  If this concept - areas with flashing slip, other areas not, black stain atop either/or - works at all, I'll be employing the services of one Husband Fella.  Husband Fella is absolutely talented with a stack o' pencils, pencil crayons, and markers.  If I can make the process work, I'm certain I can take some of his art and transfer it to pottery.  Fingers crossed.

Fingers very tightly crossed, yes.  Made a few changes to the kiln.  Out to check on it now.  Full report on those changes, and the firing, coming soon.

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Sherrie said...

It's so much fun to see what you're working on! I don't know a good handle from a bad one to look at (as long as my knuckles don't get burned, I'm happy) but several of these look just lovely. And I love the variety of mug shapes, too - the 5th teacuppy one is purrrrrrfect.:)